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Did you try my List of Restaurants and Pubs in Slovakia?

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My Software Projects:
Morphological Analysis of Slovak Language
Natural Language Processing and Slides (In Slovak)
T3man project
Basic Slovak (zakladna slovna zasoba slovenciny)
Arity Prolog Quick Help

My other activities:
Gurmania - List of Restaurants & Pubs in Slovakia
Slovak Perl Site
Anthem of Slovak Republic
Stalin a stalinizmus (report; in Slovak)
Zijem (story; in Slovak)
Prolog and logical programming (report; in English)

My school - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science,
Slovak Technical University:

Web Page of FEI STU
My school time-table

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Martin Valovic
Martin Kuzela
Martin Uzovic
Maros Mozola
BuildingPermit site

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